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Overview of topics

Tips for looking for an affair

A complete and honest profile

Fill out the interview and add your profile photos to it. This way you signalize your serious intentions and enable your counterpart to access enlightening information, for example your answer to the question why you want to have an affair in the first place and when and where you would dare to have it. The answers in your profile must be truthful otherwise our evaluation system won’t be able to calculate any matching potential contacts for you. Your untruthful statements will reveal themselves at your first rendezvous anyway!

The right photos

A picture is worth a thousand words. In fact, the mere presence of photos can actually decide whether you will be able to contact someone or not. Your photos shouldn’t be blurry or poorly lit. Application or passport photos with a serious facial expression are also a poor choice because they don’t show the real you. Also off-limits are totally outdated photos that have nothing to do with how you look today. Snapshots from parties and whole body images that show you doing sports with your bicycle helmet and sunglasses on are also inappropriate.

Regarding your primary photo, first of all make sure that your face can easily be seen and that you are smiling in a friendly fashion and striking a natural pose. Upload several photos of yourself which show you in different moods, outfits and poses. You can have up to 10 photos in your photo album.

You can get perfect photographs if you do a professional photo shoot. If that’s too expensive, please don’t fall back on a photo booth or the delayed-action shutter release on your camera. In these kinds of pictures people oftentimes look unnatural and inhibited. It’s better if you do a photo shoot with a friend or acquaintance who’s good at taking pictures.

In your private photo shoot, make sure the lighting is sufficient and that there are no objects lying around in the background or posters on the wall which could divert attention away from the subject. If you have dark hair, you should choose a light background. It’s best to apply powder to your face before the photo shoot. This way you can avoid glossy spots on your skin. Choose an outfit that you feel comfortable in and which fits well. Try to avoid clothes with flamboyant patterns or accessories which distract attention away from your face.

The photo release

When and for whom you release your photos is your decision alone. Sometimes it can be very suspenseful to first reveal your appearance at a later point in time. If you wait too long, your counterpart could develop inflated expectations concerning your appearance to which your photos just don’t measure up. A granted photo release can both accelerate getting to know someone as well as nip the process in the bud. We recommend that you pass on a visual impression of yourself as soon as possible because a photo release also helps you to feel self-assured and expresses spontaneity. Basically, you have to just trust your gut feelings when granting photo releases. You’re sure to make the right decision.

The contact request

Don’t wait too long to initiate contact or answer a contact request; the Internet is an extremely fast medium. If you hesitate too long, someone might beat you to the punch. If you’re not interested in a received contact request, don’t be afraid to inform your counterpart of this. At least the person then knows where they stand.

When you send a contact request, don’t forget to add a personal message. Include what motivated you to send him or her a contact request in the first place. Don’t be afraid to include a few questions in your message which relate to details in their profile or common sexual inclinations and preferences. This increases the probability that you’ll get an answer back. Besides, your counterpart will be glad that you took the time to investigate them so thoroughly.

Whether you address a person with “Mr.” etc. or by their first name is completely up to you. If you’re not sure, just ask the respective person how they would like to be addressed. Make sure that your contact request is not too long. Four to six heartfelt lines are absolutely sufficient.

Compose your message from the gut and don’t deliberate on it too long. This is the most authentic and non-contrived approach. Don’t forget to always be polite and avoid the use of vulgar expressions. They can be very offensive to some people.

Refrain from sending the same contact request a hundred times and don’t use any standard texts. Creative and personal remarks are the key to success. And try to remain anonymous at first. Anyone who provides telephone numbers and email addresses right away is taking a big risk. Women especially dislike when someone is too pushy from the outset and bombards them with contact information. Send that kind of information when it is requested and after you have been in contact with a certain person for a longer period of time.

The first flirt

After you’ve made a few interesting contacts you can then start flirting for real. After all, sooner or later a tangible affair should ultimately result from your contacts. Use your intuition to maintain as many contacts as possible. This is how you increase your chances for that perfect affair. If a meeting ends up being a complete flop, you still have a few irons in the fire. Your messages to the chosen person should always include a few compliments and not be full of pessimism or self-doubt. Always try to strike a light and humorous tone and project optimism and vitality. This way you will stay interesting for your contacts and soon be able to arrange your first noncommittal get-together.

The first get-together

OK, you’ve now found the right partner with whom you’re willing to risk a first meeting and if you like them, perhaps even dare to have an affair with them. Congratulations! Our tip: call your potential affair partner on the phone before your get-together! That will help to reduce your nervousness and, in a pinch, you can cancel the date if you don’t like the sound of their voice. When agreeing on a place to meet for the first get-together, we recommend choosing a public place such as a restaurant, café or bar. For couples that want to get down to business right away, a hotel bar is probably the most interesting location because it’s a less public place and available rooms are not far away.

Don’t be afraid that you’re going to be stood up because your date has as much riding on this meeting as you do. If you’re nervous, try to come up with a few topics of conversation in advance. Don’t be afraid to ask your potential affair partner a few questions. If he or she should start contradicting themselves then you know the person is not being honest with you. If at some point you realize the person is conning you or leading you on, use an excuse to end the get-together and politely break off communication with the contact in a parting email.

Don’t hesitate to get dressed up for your first meeting. The right outfit and adequate personal hygiene will decide whether your counterpart finds you physically attractive or not. Being punctual and polite are also important factors when associating with an almost complete stranger. Don’t ever put your counterpart under pressure and don’t rush into anything. The motto of your first get-together should always be: “Anything is possible but there are no musts.” Women especially shouldn’t feel obligated to anything. It’s not like you’ve signed a contract or something. If you don’t like your counterpart or if you are in doubt, then try to say this as clearly as possible. Empty phrases such as “I’ll call you” or “I’ll see you soon” can awaken false hopes in your counterpart.

If the chemistry is right then you can arrange a second get-together. Only when you have the feeling that you can trust your counterpart should you consider a more intimate meeting at his or her home. And in case you want to risk having an affair on your first get-together, you should never forget to always have some condoms with you. One never knows how the evening is going to end and safe sex in today’s world is absolutely essential.