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How an affair is kept secret

Create a cash depot

Create some freedom for yourself by always secretly putting some cash aside. When you and your affair partner want to treat yourselves to a candlelight dinner or a weekend trip, never pay with plastic money as bank account entries of this kind can always be called into question by your steady partner. If your stash of cash should be discovered, just say that you’ve been saving for weeks to surprise him or her with a present.

Establish secure communication

If you want to communicate with your affair partner, then you should never use your landline telephone at home. The list of dialed numbers on your telephone bill and redialing are risk factors that can give you away in a second. It’s best to get yourself a second mobile phone just for this purpose. If your partner discovers it, then you can say that a colleague of yours left it at your office. The most secure method to communicate with your affair partner in an undetected fashion is joining a platform such as meet2cheat. The entire communication between members takes place through our internal communication system. The reading and interception of confidential information by third parties is impossible.

Arrange windows of opportunity

Create time slots where it’s hard for your steady partner to keep tabs on you. The safest method of creating an alibi are work-related reasons. Tell your partner that you frequently have to work overtime during the week and that you are taking part in an advanced training seminar on the weekend. If you don’t work, you should take up an “alibi hobby”, take make-believe classes or pretend you have to meet with a group of friends. Don’t use any alibis which involve your best friends. They often know your steady partner and the next time the three of you meet some nasty discrepancies can quickly arise.

Continue present behavior

On no account should you change your present behavior towards your steady partner. Avoid being in an unduly good mood and don’t buy any presents because you’re tormented by a guilty conscience. Maintain your previous sexual behavior and make sure your pockets are always scrupulously emptied. If your partner should however notice that the sex is somehow different, you can defuse the situation in a very simple manner. Just say that you are afraid of becoming bored with your sex life and that’s why you wanted to try out something new. Pay exactly as much attention to your steady partner as you did before the affair began. If your steady partner should recognize some kind of outward change in you, you can argue that you simply want to remain attractive and desirable to him or her.

Proper use of mobile phones

If you always have your mobile phone with you or immediately leave the room when you get a call, you’re drawing attention to yourself and your steady partner could become suspicious. If you’ve never used the silent mode on your mobile phone then it’s no time to start using it now. It’s best to just deal with your mobile phone as you always do and get accustomed to always deleting your received text messages and call lists. Never store your affair partner’s name on your mobile phone! The most secure option is to simply buy a second mobile phone explicitly for this purpose.

Don’t leave a trace

It’s traces on your body such as lipstick stains, scratches on your back, perfume, hair and unwashed hands that can most easily betray you. Clean yourself up fastidiously after every meeting! Don’t leave your affair partner’s underwear in the car and always obey the traffic laws because a ticket could readily bust you. Make sure that your computer is protected by a personal password. If this isn’t possible or suspicious, it’s best to go to an Internet café to communicate with your affair partner.

Prepare excuses

Think of appropriate excuses in advance. What could he or she ask you when you come home? How should I answer? The more plausible and simple an excuse is the better. The moment you’re at a loss to explain something, start to stutter or get red in the face, your cover is as good as blown. It’s best to note your lies in a calendar as the more often you lie, the greater the danger is that at some point you’ll stick your foot in your mouth and contradict yourself.

Establish affair rules

Lay down rules for you and your affair partner from the very outset. The following issues need to be clarified: When and how is to be communicated? When and where are meetings possible? Aside from that, you both have to play with open cards from the very beginning regarding your family situation and your expectations on this erotic adventure. Make sure you always use condoms during sexual intercourse as an unwanted pregnancy or a sexually transmitted disease would blow your cover immediately. Never stay with the same affair partner for too long! The resulting sense of habit will put you off guard and you’ll ultimately betray yourself by addressing your steady partner by the wrong name.

Choose appropriate places

You have to be very careful when you are together with your affair partner in public. It’s best to avoid the local pub and never embrace while walking through a shopping district. If you run into somebody you know, you can still assert that the other person is an old classmate of yours. If you perform your amorous tête-à-tête at home, you have to be extremely careful because your real partner could barge in unexpectedly at any moment. More appropriate, but much more costly, is the reservation of a hotel room. The outdoors are also an appropriate place to risk having an affair but you could be surprised by uninvited guests there at some point as well. The best location for an affair is a swingers club because you can retreat to your own room and the food and drinks are free. And the best part is: the admission price for couples is usually also free.

Strictly confidential

It’s best if you don’t reveal your erotic adventure to a single human soul and don’t boast about it in front of your friends in a half-drunken state. You can’t even trust your best friend in this kind of delicate situation. You never know how a friendship is going to develop and whether or not the person you let in on the secret might actually reveal anything about it to anyone. For this reason, it’s an absolute taboo to use your best friend’s apartment as a love nest for your affair. If you want to professionally enjoy your affair without any risks, then there can be no confidants.