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An account regulates the authorization of access to a network or communication system. A user name and password are always assigned to an account. To gain access to the system, these have to be entered for identification purposes.

Affair is a colloquial expression for a partnership in which more often than not the sexual aspects are in the foreground. At least one partner is in liaison with a third person. Frequently this type of relationship is also called amorous escapade, liaison, love affair or hanky-panky.

An affiliate is a sales partner who advertises for another commercial business on his or her websites. The advertising of the internet-based vendor is carried out through links or newsletters. The more customers the affiliate can attract, the higher his commission.

Anal sex is when a man’s erect penis is inserted into the anal orifice of his sexual partner. For both men and women, the anal area is one of the erogenous zones of the body. Anal stimulation in men leads to the excitation of the sensitive prostate gland which can trigger an orgasm. Anal sex can stimulate the nearby vaginal tissue in women.

In anonymization, personal information or data is altered so that it can no longer be associated with a specific person. Displaying the photo of a person in a blurry fashion is an example of such a measure of data privacy protection.


BDSM is a collective term for a sexual preference which includes dominance and submission, titillating pain, playful punishment and bondage. This sexual role playing is often called sadomasochism or S&M. The term is made up of several different words: bondage & discipline, dominance & submission, sadism & masochism.

A blind date is a rendezvous between two people who have never seen or met each other before. Blind dates are often organized through networking sites on the Internet and are popular because of their erotic tension and the element of surprise.

If a married person enters into a second marriage or cohabitational relationship, this can be described as bigamy. Persons who engage in such dual relationships are called bigamists. Bigamy is not a permitted form of wedlock in western society.

A person who is sexually attracted to men as well as women is called bisexual or “bi”. “Bi” is a latin prefix which means “two”.


A cipher is used to encrypt texts or personal information and, as with anonymization, a measure taken to protect private data. At meet2cheat every member receives a cipher so that he or she cannot be recognized by other members by accident.

The term cyber sex has existed since the 1990s and describes the virtual erotic and sexual interaction which is experienced with the aid of a computer or the Internet. The spectrum of available cyber sex is broadly diversified and reaches from the simple viewing of pornographic photographs to sexually titillating chat rooms or emails to actual sexual stimulation by means of a virtual reality headset.