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The kama sutra is considered one of the oldest and best-known texts on the topic of erotic love. It is a veritable erotic textbook and contains an extensive and varied collection of sexual practices and positions.


The term libido comes from the field of psychoanalysis and, in a stricter sense, stands for lust, drive and desire. In a broader sense, libido is a psychological or mental energy which is linked to human sex drive. A person who has a libido desires to satisfy his own as well as his partner’s sexual drive.

Lingerie are articles of clothing which are used to sexually arouse your partner. They are usually a type of undergarment and primarily worn by women to excite male sex partners. Normally, elegant and high quality underclothes are deemed lingerie. More provocative undergarments which are dyed red or black are more likely to be called “sexy underwear”.

Logging in is the process of registering on a computer system or Internet platform. During the login, the user is required to enter a password. This way the system knows that a session for this user is about to begin.

Logging out is the process of signing off on a computer system or Internet platform. With the logout, the user informs the system that he or she is concluding the session.


During a massage, the skin, connective tissue and muscular system are stimulated by means of touch and pressure impulses. The effect of the massage extends over the entire human organism and has a relaxing effect on the body and mind.

Masturbation is a manual stimulation of the male as well as female genitalia and generally leads to an orgasm. In masturbation it is most often the hand that is used as a stimulation tool.

The term metrosexuality is a combination of the words “metropolitan” and “heterosexual” and was first published by a British journalist in 1994. Metrosexuality is not a sexual orientation but rather the extravagant lifestyle of heterosexual men who don’t attach any importance to the typical male role model and who would rather let their female side out.

Monogamy identifies a lifelong sexual bond between two individuals. In this traditional couples’ relationship, the fidelity of both partners should be of the highest priority. As soon as another sexual partner enters into the relationship then bigamy or polygamy would be the term that applies.

The abbreviation MP stands for “Match Points” which are calculated with the help of an evaluation system. This system generates potential contacts for our members around-the-clock. On the basis of the MP you can recognize immediately how well a potential contact or contact matches the provided specifications.