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A quickie is spontaneous sexual intercourse that transpires for the most part without foreplay and in an out of the ordinary location. The fast, spontaneous sex allows the extreme sexual desire of both partners free rein.


Scat is a sexual affinity in which the excretion of human feces leads to a maximization of pleasure and sexual arousal. In this sexual practice, a person’s or the partner’s excrement is distributed onto the person’s or the sexual partner’s body.

Sex toys are objects with which one can sexually stimulate oneself or one’s sexual partner. The most common sex toys include vibrators, dildos, sexy balls, butt plugs, penis rings, chastity belts, sex dolls and replicas of vaginas.

Sexual practices are activities which increase pleasure, desire and sexual satisfaction. These include for example anal sex, BDSM, cyber sex, exhibitionism, fetishism, fisting, genital piercing, golden shower, lingerie, massages, masturbation, oral sex, phone sex, scat, sex toys, shaved pubes, striptease, vaginal sex, vanilla sex and voyeurism.

Shaved pubes means the full or partial removal of pubic hair in the genital area by either a man or a woman.

An unpaired person without a fixed social bond is called single. A person who is not married and lives alone is, for example, single.

Striptease is the art of disrobing erotically during a seductive dance. The stripper, male or female, is more often than not on stage and moves their body erotically to music. The skillful insinuations and movements of the striptease serve to sexually arouse the audience.

Swingers are people who choose not to live in a monogamous partnership but have sexual contact with other people as well. Swingers let their sexual drive run free and ordinarily meet in swinger clubs and at swinger parties to encounter like-minded individuals, trade partners and enjoy group sex.


During vaginal sex, the man’s erect penis is inserted into the woman’s vagina. Vaginal sex is viewed as the most commonly practiced form of sex between two heterosexual partners.

Vanilla sex is a colloquial term for a sexual practice which incorporates romance, tenderness and petting but which does not obligatorily end with the act of sexual intercourse.

In a broader sense, voyeurism is the desire of a person to observe another unknowing person secretly. In this form of sexuality, the voyeur is also called a Peeping Tom in the vernacular. Especially the observance of naked or sexually active persons leads the voyeur to experience strong sexual arousal.