The Premium Married Dating Service for Discreet Encounters
How it works

Can I determine which notifications I would like to receive?

Under the menu item “Profile” in the member area you can choose which notifications you would like to receive per email. The following activities and information are available:

  • Notification per email about a new potential contact
  • Notification per email about a new message
  • Notification per email about a new contact request
  • Notification per email about a new released photo
  • Notification per email about the refusal of a sent contact request
  • Weekly affair statistics
  • Subscribe to newsletter

How can I search internationally?

Under the menu item “Profile/About my date” in the member’s area you can define in which country you would like to look for an affair. You don’t even have to be a premium member to use the international search function!

Filter, sort and display

On every overview page you have the ability to adjust the list and display to suit your preferences. The following functions are at your disposal:

  • Filter according to various criteria
  • Sort according to certain parameters
  • Define the lines displayed per page

Please be aware that certain filter settings can reduce the number of displayed results considerably!

Note, favorite and name functions

  • Note function: make a note of something important to you regarding a certain profile. The note can be changed or deleted at any time and is not viewable by other members.
  • Favorite function: mark a profile that you especially like as a favorite so you can find it again quicker. The designation as a favorite can of course be retracted at any time.
  • Name function: you can replace the cipher generated by our system with an individual name that you make up. Then it’s easier for you to find a certain profile again or to address your counterpart with their correct name. The assigned name can be changed or deleted and is not viewable by other members.